Birchbox. Helping You Discover New Beauty Products


My daughter turns 16 next week and she asked for a monthly subscription to Birchbox for her birthday, a service that delivers new make-up and beauty products every month. I’d never heard of it before, but I can understand why her age group would find it exciting.

1. Discovery: the products are in trial size formats, so it allows you to try out and experiment with all kinds of new products

2. Learning: there’s an on-line blog / magazine that’s full of information, advice and beauty tips so you really get to know the category

3. Interactivity: you can add your point of view, post your comments and read what other people have written

And of course people love receiving ‘gifts’ in the post. It reminds me of a couple of other brands I really like. Firstly Spotify which also encourages you to try out and experiment with different music without the commitment of buying / owning it. Secondly Graze, a healthy snacks service – not dissimilar in many ways to Birchbox, which also sends you neat, packaged, products.

So..she’s now signed her up to it. Let’s hope it lives up to expectations.


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