5 Innovations That Will Make You Cycle More Often

Cycling’s on the up. According to a recent study, the number of Londoners cycling to work has more than doubled over the past 10 years. This is undoubtedly a good thing. However there’s still room for growth and here’s my top 5 innovations that I hope will encourage you to get on your bike more often

1. The Wine Carrier

It’s much better to cycle to a friend’s house for dinner than drive.  No need for a designated driver or an expensive taxi home. However, how do you carry the wine? The Oopsmark Wine  Carrier solves the problem. Simple, efficient and looks great.


2. The Foldable Helmet

One of the biggest barriers to wearing a helmet – and hence cycling – is knowing what to do with it. This amazing Morpher folding helmet is perfect. Means you can go to work and not worry about carrying it around.


3. Built in Bike Lights

Sometimes you forget your lights, lose them or worry that they’re not good enough. These Helios handlebars with built in lights are super cool. It seems strange that cars have got built in lights, but not bikes. Hopefully this will change.


I’m also a big fan of Revolights. Lights are built into the rim of the wheel. They’ve completely transformed the way bikes look at night.


4. The Bicycle Cafe

Cycling is a real communal activity and we could all do with more bike-friendly cafes. Rapha makes the best-looking cycle apparel, but if you go to London’s Brewer street you can now ogle at the lovely bike gear and have great coffee at the same time at the Rapha cafe.


5 Hi Viz Clothing

There’s been lots of attempts to create cycling specific clothing such as the Levi’s Commuter range and Parker Dusseau’s Commuter Suit. However, to be really safe on the road, you need high visibility clothing. I think Respro have a great range and at a bare minimum, everyone should wear the Respro ankle bands


So, that’s my round-up of cycling innovation. Long live the Cycling Revolution!


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