My Favourite Books on Creativity

Here they are, in no particular order

1. Ignore Everybody Hugh MacLeod

A concise book of thoughts and ideas on how to unlock your creativity. I like it because it’s very insightful, has a refreshing, cynical perspective and is packed with the author’s amusing cartoons.

2 The Art of Looking Sideways Alan Fletcher

A huge slab of a book, that’s packed full of inspiration. Every page is different and I like to randomly choose a page now and again and have a read. It could a quote, a visual and long narrative. It’s endlessly interesting and inexhaustible.

3 Thinkertoys Michael Michalko

This book is full of creative thinking techniques. It’s a great reference book for when you’re facilitating a creative workshop and need some inspiration on how to get people to think differently

4 The Artist’s Ways  Julia Cameron

This is a classic book on how to overcome your fears and inhibitions and embark on journey of creative enlightenment. Lots of interesting suggestions for new creative habits and behaviours.

5 Steal Like An Artist Austin Kleon

A pocket sized book that you can devour in a couple of hours. It’s simple, contemporary, very concrete with 10 creativity principles based on the author’s life experiences.


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