New York Bagels – Why Stop Slicing?

I’m a big fan of New York Bagels. I buy them regularly (thanks Ocado) and never swap them for Own Label versions. I particularly liked the fact they were pre-sliced because (a) it saves time (b) my kids keep asking me to slice them (which is annoying) (c) you always slice them before you use them

So, I was shocked to discover that they’ve stopped slicing them, apparently in response to customer feedback. Whilst I admire the brand’s responsiveness, I’m surprised they did this. Who prefers un-sliced bagels to sliced ones? Can anyone shed any light on this?
2014-09-28 13.29.55


2 thoughts on “New York Bagels – Why Stop Slicing?

  1. David Hudson

    Tony..Good to hear from you and hope you are well. I also was irritated by the ‘slicing’ issue. It is of course our old friend – a cost saving move dressed up as a response to consumer demand.In my opinion lacks total credibility.
    Best wishes…David



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