Aldi and Lidl – Making Us Feel Good About Buying Cheap Groceries

UK Grocery retailing is going through an amazing period of change. Tesco is in deep, deep trouble and most people seem to be revelling in their discomfort. However, things aren’t so rosy with Sainsburys at the moment either so nobody can afford to be too cocky.

The real winners have been Aldi and Lidl. I’ve been so impressed with the way both brands have adopted different, but really persuasive ways of demonstrating their value for money. Here’s an example from the Aldi Campaign. Simple, quirky and intelligent.

However, I also love the way Lidl have dramatised their quality and value message through their recent campaign, by challenging our pre-conceptions about their fresh produce.

Aldi and Lidl are ‘proper’ brands now, not just Discounters and deserve to be taken seriously. Will their growth continue? How will the ‘Big 4’ respond? It will fascinating to see how it all plays out over the next couple of years.


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