My Favourite Christmas Ads 2014

The Christmas ads are in full flow now as all the big retailers encourage us to part with our hard earned cash. Here are the ones that have stood out for me.


Although it’s the John Lewis Christmas ad that gets all the publicity, I much prefer the one from Waitrose which picks up on our obsession with baking. (I was a bit disappointed by Monty the Penguin). I like it because it hones it on the key point of difference for the brand – the fact that the staff own the business and deliver outstanding customer service.



Sainsburys’ recreation of the Christmas Eve World War 1 ceasefire football match is probably the most talked about Christmas ad this year and has divided opinion. I can understand why some commentators criticise the attempt to make commercial gain from such a poignant event. Plus the connection with Sainsburys is fairly tenuous. However, I think the Christmas football match was such a remarkable event that it’s worthy of being re-told, particularly as it’s the 100th anniversary. Last weekend it was celebrated at football grounds all over the UK. Plus, the fact that it was supported by the British Legion gives it credibility and it was beautifully shot. So, on balance, a thumbs up from me.



As a kid, a bike was the ultimate Christmas present. I never did get my Mercian, but I still dream of owning one. I love this Halfords ad. It really speaks to me.I love the way it’s shot in the Christmas sunlight with a gang of happy kids cycling their new bikes, with the jealous kids watching. Do kids still dream of getting a bike for Christmas? Probably not, but it’s nice to think they do.



Overall though, Boots wins my vote for the best ad of the year, which tells the story of a family recreating Christmas day for their mum who has to work on Christmas day. I always feel sorry for people whose work separates them from their families at Christmas and its great that Boot’s have recognised this.


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