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Want to Connect Better With Your Audience?

With my job I’m on my feet a lot, facilitating workshops, presenting, teaching, trying to keep overworked marketing folks engaged and informed. Therefore, I’m always looking for new ways to connect and communicate more powerfully with my audience

I recently came across a book called ‘Resonate’ which has proved to be a real source of inspiration. It provides lots of, advice, frameworks and examples of how to connect with audiences. A lot of them are based on the basic principles of storytelling and screenwriting, with examples drawn from the movie industry and from famous speeches.

It’s a great book to dip into but you might wan to visit their website which is full of useful stuff. It’s certainly helped me.


It Really Is More Fun in the Philippines

Whenever I travel to different parts of the world I ask people for examples of great local advertising campaigns. I’ve just returned from the Philippines and one of the most talked about campaigns was for the Department of Tourism entitled ‘It’s More Fun in the Philippines’. Everyone loved it. It helped that several members of the classroom were from BBDO, the agency that created it.

Launched a couple of years ago it was based on 3 key points of difference
(a) compared to competitor campaigns, such as ‘Amazing Thailand’ or ‘Incredible India’ it’s energetic rather than passive. There was a clear call to action
(b) it was rooted in the friendly, hospitable and good-humoured character of the Filipino people
(c) It had a competitive edge: the Filipino people are very proud and like to win! It’s not just fun, it’s more fun!

Here’s the ad

If you want to find out more, here’s their website

At the end of the training course the friendly, funny and generous team gave me a couple of presents, including this book, which I read on the flight home.
Written by Tony Harris, a key figure behind the Campaign it’s a really nice personal story of the life of a Brit in Manila, what happens behind the scenes in the advertising world and how the campaign came to fruition.

I was in Manila for a week and had a great time. I can certainly vouch for the fact that it really is more fun in the Philippines.

Yet Another Reason to Love Waitrose

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks running a series of training courses on Marketing Communications and the hottest topic of discussion was ‘Content’ – what it is, how to keep it fresh, how to manage it. We never had to deal with Content in pre-internet, days – the term didn’t exist. We simply had to create ads and try to avoid getting kicked out of Tesco. But it occupies everyone nowadays and simply keeping up to date with technological change is a big challenge facing marketers, let alone deciding what to say.

The example I often use to illustrate great content management is Waitrose TV, which features regularly updated videos of lovely food recipes which you can find on their Youtube Channel. Now, I have to declare an interest here, as my talented sister Silvana makes regular appearances with her wonderful recipes. For example. If you’re looking to create some Valentine’s Day treats (bit late, I know) – click here.

It’s no surprise that Waitrose is going from strength to strength. Everything they do seems to be spot on – from their advertising, through to their customer service, their product range and of course their inspirational (and free) recipe advice. In recent times, they’ve not put a foot wrong.