WeChat – it’s the future!


I’ve just come back from a week in China and found the technology difficult to handle. Internet connection was poor. I couldn’t use Google, access my gmail account,  or get onto Facebook and Instagram.

However, what I discovered and started to use was WeChat and from then on it become THE most important way of communicating. It was so easy to use, lots of fun and now I’m a convert.

Today there are 1 billion WeChat users in China and it’s Global user baser continues to expand. Everyone I met in China loved WeChat. Someone said to me “Wechat is the future!” and I think it’s true.

At first glance it appears to be like WhatsApp – a simple instant messaging service, however there’s a lot more to it. You can transfer money and pay for goods electronically. I was also told that you can book airline tickets and order taxis. There’s also a Facebook style facility called Moments, games and opportunities to meet random people! No doubt its services will continue to expand. Here’s a short film that tells you more about it

So if you’re planning to go to China and want to keep in touch – download WeChat. Even if you’re not – give it a go. It’s fun and it’s the future!


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