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WeChat – it’s the future!


I’ve just come back from a week in China and found the technology difficult to handle. Internet connection was poor. I couldn’t use Google, access my gmail account,  or get onto Facebook and Instagram.

However, what I discovered and started to use was WeChat and from then on it become THE most important way of communicating. It was so easy to use, lots of fun and now I’m a convert.

Today there are 1 billion WeChat users in China and it’s Global user baser continues to expand. Everyone I met in China loved WeChat. Someone said to me “Wechat is the future!” and I think it’s true.

At first glance it appears to be like WhatsApp – a simple instant messaging service, however there’s a lot more to it. You can transfer money and pay for goods electronically. I was also told that you can book airline tickets and order taxis. There’s also a Facebook style facility called Moments, games and opportunities to meet random people! No doubt its services will continue to expand. Here’s a short film that tells you more about it

So if you’re planning to go to China and want to keep in touch – download WeChat. Even if you’re not – give it a go. It’s fun and it’s the future!


Yet Another Reason to Love Waitrose

I’ve spent the past 2 weeks running a series of training courses on Marketing Communications and the hottest topic of discussion was ‘Content’ – what it is, how to keep it fresh, how to manage it. We never had to deal with Content in pre-internet, days – the term didn’t exist. We simply had to create ads and try to avoid getting kicked out of Tesco. But it occupies everyone nowadays and simply keeping up to date with technological change is a big challenge facing marketers, let alone deciding what to say.

The example I often use to illustrate great content management is Waitrose TV, which features regularly updated videos of lovely food recipes which you can find on their Youtube Channel. Now, I have to declare an interest here, as my talented sister Silvana makes regular appearances with her wonderful recipes. For example. If you’re looking to create some Valentine’s Day treats (bit late, I know) – click here.

It’s no surprise that Waitrose is going from strength to strength. Everything they do seems to be spot on – from their advertising, through to their customer service, their product range and of course their inspirational (and free) recipe advice. In recent times, they’ve not put a foot wrong.

How to publicise a horror movie

I’ve seen 3 examples recently that all follow the same pattern.

(a) go to New York

(b) create a stunt that scares the s**t out of people

(c) record it and create a video of that goes viral

Example 1: Carrie

This example is set in a West Village coffee shop. The special effects are great and I think for the people there, it was genuinely shocking.

Horror rating 8/10

Example 2 The Walking Dead

Nicely done, but I don’t think zombies are that scary are they? (At least they weren’t in Shaun of the Dead) Plus they’re hidden underground out of harms way

Horror rating 7/10

Example 3 Devil’s Due

Now this is a really scary baby. Everybody – apart from one guy – jumped out of their skin.

Horror rating 9/10

Clearly, horror pranks are very much in vogue in New York. I wonder if they’ll ever reach south London?

Creative Use of Instagram

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 17.40.15

I’m a big fan of Instagram. I love the simple way Coach are using it to engage with their customers. All you have to do is take an Instagram picture of yourself wearing your Coach shoes, add #CoachFromAbove and your location and it may get featured on their Gallery and Map. Simple, but fun and the site looks great!

Click here to view it.