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Secret Cinema. Creating Memorable Brand Experiences


I’m a big fan of Secret Cinema and am really excited about going to my next event at the end of March.

Secret Cinema creates incredible cinematic experiences that go way beyond your classic multiplex. You sign up to go and initially you don’t know where the location will be or what the film will be (hence Secret – geddit?) Then, via a series of emails, clues are revealed as to what the film might be, the dress code is, what you have to do in advance and eventually the secret location is revealed.  During the evening itself you’re confronted by actors, told to do weird things and eventually watch the film. I don’t want to reveal too much as it’s strap line is ‘Tell No One’. Part of the appeal is retaining the secrecy and the surprise.

So why does it work?

1 It Creates Social Currency

After you’ve been, I can guarantee you’ll talk about it to everyone you meet, because something something weird, exciting, stimulating and surprising will have happened. I’ve heard lots of great stories from previous events, which only serves to whet the appetite for the next one. And as we all know, sharing makes us happy

2 It Creates Desire

We all want to feel part of something and have an anxiety about missing out on an amazing experience. These are one-off events that are heavily oversubscribed, so there’s a risk you may not be able to take part or that it’ll never be repeated again.

3 It Creates Memories

Can you remember all  the ‘stuff’  you’ve spent good money on over the year? Probably not. The sugar rush of acquiring material goods soon fades, but you’ll definitely recall your Secret Cinema experience. Great memories are so important to us so we’re willing to invest in them.

4 We Desire Extraordinary Experiences

We all like the comfort of routine, Going to our favourite eaterie or the local pub is fine. However, now and again we want something special that rises above the mundane. Our palettes get jaded and so we seek the thrill of the new.

So – that’s the challenge to all marketers. In order to stand out, we’ve got to be extraordinary