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How to Visualise Ideas


In any idea generation session, it’s so important to be able to visualise ideas so people can really ‘get’ what you’re talking about and are able to add richness and depth to them. I always include visualisers and designers at my workshops as they add real value to the sessions. However, I wish more people were better at drawing but most people don’t feel confident about their drawing skills. This is because:

a: they never practice

b: they’ve never learnt the basic skills and techniques.

c: they believe they’re incapable of drawing (thanks to a sadistic art teacher from school)

However, if you want to improve your drawing skills, there are plenty of opportunities available. Here’s a couple of initiatives run by a friend of mine Trevor Flynn, who runs a company called Drawing at Work

1) Sketchmob – free drawing events that take place all over London. Simply turn up with your drawing materials and join the crowd of sketchers. The next event’s on 2nd April in Soho. Click here for details

2) The UCL Drawing Gym. This is a series of videos with worksheets that teach you some basic drawing skills. Primarily designed to help engineers to draw, the principles can be applied universally. Click here for details.

As with most things in life, the more the do, the better you’ll and the more you’ll enjoy it. If you want to turbo charge your creative output, pick up your pencils and get sketching!