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6 Brands That Symbolise Finland

I’ve been in various parts of Finland for the past couple of weeks. Here’s my take on the key brands that I came across most often during my travels.

1 Nokia

Born in the town of Nokia, nearly 150 years ago, it started off selling paper products then rubber boots and throughout it’s history has continued to re-invent itself. Best known as a mobile phone brand, it sold the mobiles business to Microsoft in 2013 and is about to go through another phase of re-juvenation.

2 Finlandia Vodka

Finlandia is the national vodka and according to the people I met in Finland, the purest vodka you can buy. The most distinctive element of the brand is it’s beautifully designed bottle. I also really like the ‘Life Less Ordinary‘ Comms Campaign. Very quirky, outdoorsy and a little bit scary/

3 Karl Fazer Chocolate

I have to say, I got quite hooked on Fazer milk chocolate. It’s like Finland’s version of Cadbury’s. Founded over a hundred years ago, Fazer chocolate is everywhere. They even hand them out free at the Finnair Lounge in Helsinki airport. There’s loads of different flavours and various sub-brands, but the classic chocolate is the blue pack is the one for me. I always stock up at Duty Free.

4 Marimekko

Marimekko is a Finnish design company, renowned for it’s distinctive bold prints and bright colours which you soon begin to recognise. It sells a range of clothing, accessories and home decor items. Founded in 1951, you can find Marimekko items all over world. Very stylish

5 The Moomins

The Moomins are hippo-like creatures which appeared originally as a series of cartoons and comic strips. Since then, they’ve come to life in tv series, films and even as a theme park – although not quite on the scale of Disneyland. In Finland, the Moomins are hard to avoid – mugs, fridge magnets, tea towels – you can find them all with Moomin characters

6 Stockmann

Stockmann is Finand’s best known department store. There’s a huge one in the centre of Helsinki, but they’re in other cities. It’s a fairly upmarket store, i guess equivalent to John Lewis, but maybe not quite as upmarket as Selfridges. Had a wander around one when I had a bit of spare time – nice.

I really enjoyed Finland. Full of nice people, beautiful scenery and lovely restaurants. I look forward to returning.