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Learning to Love Constraints


I’m loving Adam Morgan’s latest book – ‘A Beautiful Constraint’. I’ve enjoyed all his books and this one’s a cracker. It feels like the right book at the time.

We’re living in times of constraint and austerity. Few businesses or economies are doing particularly well nowadays and we’re all being asked to do more with less.

What this book does is recognize and indeed embrace this reality, arguing that constraint is something we should see as a stimulus for inventiveness rather than something we should complain about.

It’s full of inspirational examples of where people have turned constraint into innovative solutions. There’s also lots of practical advice on both the mindset shift you need to undertake as well as tools and techniques you can use to embrace your constraint and thrive within it.

Highly recommended

Team Sky Porridge – How Strange..

I’ve just found this in my local Budgens. A range of high protein porridge pots, branded by Team Sky. Now I’m a big cycling fan and am delighted that Sky are backing the new ‘Team Wiggins‘ However, a range of porridge does seem an odd brand extension. I wonder why it feels it could succeed against the established brands such as Quaker, Kellogg’s and Jordan’s? Good luck to them, but I can’t imagine it ever getting any real traction in the market.

Squegg – The Best Easter Egg I’ve Ever Seen


My sister bought these for my daughters. They’re Thornton’s Squeggs – SQUashed chocolate Easter EGGS – geddit? Easy to carry, easy to eat and they look delicious. You could (almost) argue that they’re more eco-friendly than other Easter eggs. Like most great ideas, it’s simple, yet in hindsight, obvious. I’m sure they’ll become a big huge hit and spawn a whole series of copycats. Can’t wait to try them