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Paul Smith – A Great British Brand


I’m a big fan of Paul Smith and have just came back from his lovely exhibition at London’s Design Museum. I think he’s the number 1 menswear designer and one of the UK’s finest brands.

For me, it starts with the clothes. It’s hard to get the balance between the classic and the distinctive and Paul Smith gets it just right. Beautiful styling with a hint of individuality. I particularly love his signature stripes that are often in the lining or hidden behind the cuffs.

I love his collaborations. Often he works with other British brands, such as Mini or else with brands that reflect his passions, such as cycling. My favourite his is collaboration with Mercian cycles, where he developed a special edition bike.


I also really like him as a person. There are lots of brand founders that you admire – Jobs, Zuckerberg, but they’re not always particularly likeable. However, I can really relate to Paul Smith and I love his story. It probably helps that he’s from the East Midlands, but he seems to be so down to earth and unpretentious compared to many other fashion designers

He’s been at the top of his game for many years now. I hope he goes from strength to strength. If you’re thinking of going to the exhibition, here’s the trailer.