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Review of Seth Godin’s ‘All Marketers Tell Stories’


Books by Seth Godin are generally worth reading. They’re short, insightful and provocative

This book basically says two thing

1. people are irrational in the way they act and behave ie they lie to themselves

2. the best marketers tell authentic, compelling, stories that people are prepared to believe and share

All good stuff. However, I didn’t find it as engaging as his previous books as I don’t think he’s saying anything particularly new or ground-breaking. Also his examples and anecdotes are a bit erratic and disconnected, as if he’s pulled together previous blog posts and articles into a fairly random structure.

It’s an easy read – great for flights or train journeys. However, I’d didn’t really uncover any fresh insights that helped me think differently about marketing, which I always look for from a business book. In that sense it was a bit of a disappointment.