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Why You Can’t Avoid the Deliveroo Riders


Every time I cycle around the streets of south London I seem to overtaken by a Deliveroo cyclist with a huge box strapped to his pannier. They never used to be there, but now you can’t escape them. So I thought I’d investigate.

Deliveroo is a restaurant home delivery service. However the key difference between this and other on-line hubs such as Hungry House and Just Eat is that

  • the focus is on more premium outlets rather than standard take-aways
  • Deliveroo is also responsible for delivering the food as well as ordering

For every delivery, a customer is charged £2.50. Deliveroo is (at least partially) one of those ‘sharing economy’ business ideas that I referred to in my previous post – people using their assets to earn money. The people who deliver the food are self employed. As long as you have a bike / scooter and a smartphone you can apply to become a Deliveroo driver and can work as often or as little as you like. A bit like Uber but for people with 2 wheels rather than 4.

Our appetite for home delivery seems insatiable and invades all walks of life and almost every branded offer – thanks Amazon, thanks Ocado. I read that you can even get American Apparel items delivered to your home within an hour if you suddenly find you’ve run out of underwear.

As with all great business ideas, Deliveroo seems quite simple in retrospect. I’ve no doubt it will continue to grow and I can imagine lots of other similar services beginning to emerge. And if you’re ever short of cash, you can always dig out your bike from the shed, apply to become a rider and become part of the sharing economy yourself.