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How to publicise a horror movie

I’ve seen 3 examples recently that all follow the same pattern.

(a) go to New York

(b) create a stunt that scares the s**t out of people

(c) record it and create a video of that goes viral

Example 1: Carrie

This example is set in a West Village coffee shop. The special effects are great and I think for the people there, it was genuinely shocking.

Horror rating 8/10

Example 2 The Walking Dead

Nicely done, but I don’t think zombies are that scary are they? (At least they weren’t in Shaun of the Dead) Plus they’re hidden underground out of harms way

Horror rating 7/10

Example 3 Devil’s Due

Now this is a really scary baby. Everybody – apart from one guy – jumped out of their skin.

Horror rating 9/10

Clearly, horror pranks are very much in vogue in New York. I wonder if they’ll ever reach south London?


Evian’s baby&me – Not a Bad Follow Up

It’s really hard to create a viral hit. It’s even rarer to create 2 of them

4 years ago, Evian brought out it’s Roller Babies ad, which last time I looked had over 73 million Youtube views. I’m sure you’ve seen it

Last year, they bought out a follow up – baby&me which is still riding high in the viral charts and looks to be equally successful.

Some people claim to have packaged up the secret to creating a viral hit, but of course there is no magic formula. Cadbury’s have never created a follow up anywhere near as successful as its  Gorilla ad.

So – bravo to Evian for creating 2 viral hits. It seems we can’t enough of computer generated babies